Getting Started

The resources on the page focus on building fun and interesting things using primarily JavaScript and MIDI. The “tiny computer” component — Arduinos, RaspberryPis, C.H.I.P. Computers, Espruinos and likely others — is not strictly required to explore or run most of the examples here.

This page is an ongoing support page for my talks on JavaScript and MIDI. For more information please contact George Mandis.

Working with JavaScript and MIDI

MIDI + JS on the Server

MIDI + JS in the Browser

Chrome, Chromium and ChromeOS Support this natively! This means you can also create Electron apps that leverage JavaScript and MIDI.

Tiny Computers

You an build your own MIDI controllers or self-contained creations using single-board computers and single-board microcontrollers sucha s these:

Other Places to Find MIDI Controllers